Dip laundry sheets review

Dip laundry sheets review

Welcome back to another adventurous week in Laundryland! This week, I put Dip laundry sheets to the test amidst the chaos that unfolded in our household. A 24-hour bug struck mid-week, sidelining three of us. The week's highlight? Turning on the car's hazard lights at a roundabout during the school pick-up rush to allow the 6-year-old to vomit at the side of the car. A kind lady behind us provided a towel for the occasion. Santa has told me that the impatient horn-beepers are getting socks in their stockings! 

Regrettably, amid the absolute mayhem, I failed to capture any photographic evidence—trust me; no one needs to see that. Before delving into the review, let me clarify that these assessments are far from scientific. Some weeks are cleaner than others, and this one was undoubtedly the messiest. Now, let's delve into how Dip fared.

Are Dip Laundry Sheets Eco-Friendly?

Dip proudly boasts that they are biodegradable, vegan, and cruelty-free, utilising plant-based ingredients. The packaging is lightweight and made of cardboard, and the sheets themselves highly concentrated, significantly reducing the carbon footprint during transportation.

How Well Do Dip Laundry Sheets Clean?

This week, Dip faced the daunting task of tackling some of the most challenging laundry we've ever generated, and it handled it splendidly. Although Dip recommends using half a sheet for a regular load, I opted for a full sheet in each wash, even pushing a couple up to 60°C. Despite the extreme conditions, the laundry emerged spotless every time, with no lingering stains. There was a lone school jumper that required a second wash to eliminate a faint scent of sickness, but apart from that, Dip truly delivered an exceptional performance.

How Much Do Dip Laundry Sheets Cost?

At £15 for a pack of 30 as a one-off purchase, each wash costs 50p, making it relatively pricey. However, by purchasing in larger quantities and opting for a subscription, which includes a 20% discount, you can significantly bring down the per-wash cost. After playing around with the options, I managed to reduce it to a more reasonable 26p per wash.

Dip Laundry Sheets: My Verdict

I'm genuinely impressed with Dip's performance. Having used other laundry sheets in the past, I was ready to abandon this week's review after our house turned into a disaster zone. However, Dip proved to be a true trooper, surpassing all expectations. Would I use Dip laundry sheets again? Absolutely!

Join me next week in a hopefully more tranquil Laundryland, where I'll be putting Greenscents laundry liquids to the test.

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