How well does ethical Ecover clean sustainable school uniforms?

Ecover Honeysuckle & Jasmine review

Welcome back to another thrilling installment of our eco/ethical laundry detergent exploration! This time, we're diving into the world of Ecover, the household name in sustainable laundry solutions. With Ecover, you can clean your conscience along with your clothes.

Ecover's eco Claims: squeaky clean and green

Ecover laundry liquid reviewEcover boasts some impressive eco credentials that'll make you feel like an environmental superhero. Their laundry liquid is made from plant-based, biodegradable ingredients, while the bottle itself is crafted from 100% recycled plastic. Talk about recycling inception! Plus, it's widely recyclable. The packaging even proudly declares its origin in Ecover's Zero Waste certified factory. And here's the cherry on top: Ecover is certified cruelty-free. 

Does Ecover Honeysuckle & Jasmine have a nice smell?

Now, let's get to the nitty-gritty – does Ecover's Honeysuckle & Jasmine laundry liquid pass the sniff test? Yes. It left the kids' school uniform with a subtle, flowery fragrance that'll have you questioning whether you've been brainwashed into believing laundry should smell like a bouquet. Thankfully, Ecover's got you covered right out of the washing machine. Sure, the scent did fade once the clothes were dry, but it lingered for longer on the pure cotton items like the classic fit T-shirts.

How well does Ecover laundry liquid clean?

Is ethical Ecover good at cleaning sustainable white school polo shirts?In our week of putting Ecover to the test, it handled general laundry duties like a champ. Clean and fresh results all around! But, hold on – there's a twist. We decided to challenge Ecover with the aftermath of a chocolate spread sandwich disaster and some green sock shenanigans from our six-year-old Tasmanian devil - sorry, I meant 'daughter'. Ecover rose to the occasion, vanquishing most of the chocolate spread stains on the white school polo shirt.

Is sustainable Ecover good at cleaning ethical white school polos shirts?Though there were a few tiny faded chocolate marks and the green tinge on the socks lingered on - as you can see above. A cap-full of extra TLC, rubbed into those stubborn spots and left overnight in cold water.

How well does Ecover clean white school polo shirtsAbove; a second wash at 30° with another capful of Ecover sealed the deal for the chocolate marks, but I fear the socks will have a grassy shadow forevermore.

How much does Ecover laundry liquid cost per wash?

The bottle promises 42 washes. If you stick to the recommended 35ml, it'll cost you a mere 24p per wash. But for those of us in hard water areas or with a penchant for filling up the cap to 40ml (guilty as charged), it's still a steal at 27p per wash. And if you're in the super-hard-water club or have children who love muck, 50ml at 30p per wash will keep your laundry eco-friendly.

Something to ponder: the ethics behind Ecover

Ecover used to be the poster child of ethical laundry products, but since its acquisition by SC Johnson, its ethical rating has dipped. Ethical Consumer no longer gives it a glowing endorsement. So, while Ecover's eco game is strong, its parent company's ethics are on shaky ground. Food for thought, indeed.

In conclusion: Ecover

In the grand scheme of eco/ethical laundry adventures, Ecover has earned its place in the limelight. It gets the job done and makes you feel like a planet-saving superhero. Ecover's eco credentials shine brightly, but its parent company's behavior leaves room for improvement. Perhaps it's time for them to follow Ecover's lead and make all their products cruelty-free. Will I use it again? Probably.

Stay tuned for our next adventure in eco/ethical laundryland, where I'll unravel the mysteries of eco-mate on our quest for clean clothes and a cleaner conscience!

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