Ethical shopping directory

Ethical shopping directory

In a world where our choices as consumers have a profound impact, the pursuit of ethical shopping is becoming increasingly vital. Fortunately, the UK and Ireland offers a range of online platforms that cater to those seeking sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethically produced goods. Whether you're looking for clothing, homeware, beauty products, or food, these ethical brands and shopping sites are committed to making a positive difference while offering quality products.

1. Ethical Superstore

As one of the leading ethical retailers in the UK, Ethical Superstore offers a wide range of products from fair trade, organic, and eco-friendly brands. From household items to clothing, beauty products, and groceries, this platform caters to a variety of ethical shopping needs.

2. People Tree

For fashion with a conscience, People Tree is a pioneer in sustainable and Fair Trade clothing. They offer stylish and ethically made clothing, showcasing the best in organic cotton and traditional craftsmanship.

3. Traidcraft

Traidcraft focuses on fair trade and sustainable products, including food, drinks, clothing, and crafts. By supporting small-scale farmers and artisans, they contribute to building a fairer and more sustainable world.

4. Where Does It Come From?

This platform offers transparency in clothing production by providing the story behind each product. They focus on sustainable, ethically sourced clothing and provide details on the journey of each item, encouraging conscious consumerism.

5. The Natural Collection

A one-stop-shop for a wide array of eco-friendly and fair trade products, including clothing, homeware, beauty, and household items. The Natural Collection emphasises sustainability and ethical sourcing across its product range.

6. Ethical Market

Ethical Market is a platform that hosts various sellers offering eco-friendly, fair trade, and ethical products. From gifts and fashion to home essentials, this site showcases a diverse range of ethically made goods.

7. Thought

Thought offers sustainable and stylish clothing for both men and women. With a commitment to ethical sourcing and natural materials, their collections are fashionable while being environmentally conscious.

8. BeeBee Wraps

An alternative to single-use plastics, BeeBee Wraps offers eco-friendly, reusable food wraps made from organic cotton and beeswax. These wraps are a sustainable option for preserving food.

9. Big Green Smile

This platform specialises in eco-friendly and natural beauty and household products. From skincare to cleaning supplies, they offer a vast range of ethical and sustainable choices.

10. Little Green Radicals

Catering specifically to children and babies, Little Green Radicals provides organic and fair trade clothing for the little ones. Their products are not only adorable but also ethically produced.

11. Babipur

Babipur specialises in ethically sourced and sustainable products for babies and children. From cloth nappies to toys and organic clothing, Babipur emphasises eco-friendly and fair trade items for little ones.

12. EcoVibe

EcoVibe offers a range of zero-waste and eco-friendly products, including homeware, personal care, and cleaning supplies. They focus on sustainable materials and plastic-free alternatives.

13. Wearth London

Wearth London (now Veo) is an online department store for eco-friendly and ethical products. They feature a wide variety of items, including fashion, beauty, home accessories, and gifts, all from sustainable and ethical brands.

14. From The Source

From The Source is dedicated to providing fair trade and ethically sourced home decor, accessories, and gifts. They collaborate with artisans and producers to offer unique, handmade items.

15. Lucy & Yak

Lucy & Yak is a sustainable fashion brand offering colourful and comfortable clothing made from organic cotton. They prioritise ethical manufacturing and fair working conditions.

16. Madlug

Madlug is a Northern Irish B Corp specialising in rucksacks and luggage. For every bag sold they donate a carry-all bag to a child in care. We sell their Junior school bags 

17. Bambaw

Bambaw specialises in zero-waste products, particularly focusing on reusable alternatives to single-use plastic. Their range includes items like bamboo cutlery, metal straws, and more.

18. Green Tulip

Green Tulip offers a selection of ethical, fair trade, and eco-friendly gifts, homeware, and lifestyle products. Their range includes sustainable alternatives for everyday living.

19. Where Does It Come From? 

Where Does It Come From? offers a selection of ethically sourced clothing. 

20. Greenfibres

Greenfibres is committed to organic and natural textiles, offering a range of clothing, bedding, and household goods made from organic cotton and natural materials.

21. Patagonia

Patagonia is a globally recognized brand known for its commitment to sustainability, offering outdoor clothing and gear. They focus on using recycled materials, fair trade sourcing, and environmental activism.

22. Nkuku

Nkuku specialises in ethically sourced and handcrafted homeware, furniture, and gifts. They work with artisans to create beautiful and sustainably made products.

23. Oxfam Online Shop

The Oxfam Online Shop offers a wide range of second-hand and ethically sourced goods, including clothing, books, and homeware. Purchases support Oxfam's charitable projects worldwide.

24. Shared Earth

Shared Earth focuses on fair trade and eco-friendly gifts, homeware, and fashion accessories. They source products that support artisans and sustainable practices from around the world.

25. Kidly

Kidly curate an inspiring and effortless online shop, offering the world's best-tested products for your little ones, always backed by their team.

26. Mooncup

Mooncup provides an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to conventional menstrual products. Their menstrual cups are reusable, reducing waste and promoting sustainable menstruation.

27. Birdsong

Birdsong is a fashion brand that focuses on ethical and transparent production. They collaborate with women’s groups and artisans to create clothing with a strong emphasis on fair wages and sustainability.

28. TOTM

TOTM offers organic and sustainable period care products. Their range includes organic cotton tampons and pads, prioritising health and environmental responsibility.

29. The Hemp Shop

The Hemp Shop specialises in hemp-based products, offering clothing, accessories, and health and beauty items made from sustainable and eco-friendly hemp fibres.

30. Rapanui

Rapanui is a clothing brand dedicated to sustainability, using organic and natural materials in their clothing. They also focus on renewable energy and circular production processes.

31. The Eighth Day

The Eighth Day is a worker-owned co-operative in Manchester, offering organic, vegetarian, and vegan food. They also have a health food store and cafe promoting ethical and sustainable choices.

32. Nomads Clothing

Nomads Clothing offers fair trade and sustainable fashion made with organic materials. They focus on creating contemporary and stylish clothing while ensuring fair wages and ethical working conditions.

33. Everlane

Though originating in the US, Everlane ships to the UK and is known for its transparent pricing and ethical production of quality clothing, shoes, and accessories.

34. Sawdust & Rainbows

In addition to their award-winning Pikler-inspired climbing frames, Sawdust & Rainbows design and hand-craft a range of wooden play equipment in their studio in County Down, Northern Ireland.

35. Honest Riders

Honest Riders offers eco-friendly and ethical equestrian wear and accessories. Their products are made from sustainable materials, ensuring a more conscious approach to horse riding gear.

36. Bibico

Bibico is a clothing brand committed to fair trade and sustainability, offering timeless and comfortable clothing made from organic materials.

37. Just Trade

Just Trade sells ethically made and Fair Trade jewellery and accessories. They collaborate with artisans to produce unique and handcrafted items.

38. Finisterre

Finisterre specialises in sustainable outdoor clothing, particularly focused on surfing and cold-water sports. They prioritise eco-friendly materials and ethical production.

39. Lefrik

Lefrik offers eco-friendly and recycled backpacks, bags, and accessories. Their products are made from recycled plastic bottles and aim to reduce environmental impact.

40. FatFace

FatFace is a popular British lifestyle clothing and accessories brand. They're dedicated to responsible sourcing, ethical production, and community engagement, emphasising sustainable materials and practices.

41. Beaumont Organic

Beaumont Organic offers contemporary organic clothing for women. Their focus on sustainability includes using natural materials and ensuring ethical manufacturing processes.

42. Silverstick

Silverstick offers eco-friendly, organic cotton clothing for outdoor adventures. They emphasise sustainability and have a commitment to ethical and responsible manufacturing.

43. Little Green Shop

Little Green Shop provides a range of sustainable and eco-friendly products for families, including organic clothing, toys, and home goods.

44. The Making Of

The Making Of is a new brand specialising in affordable sustainable clothing that makes a difference. Check out the 'For grownups' section of our website to see their ethically produced and sustainable t-shirts, polos, jumpers and hoodies.  

45. Pachamama Knitwear

Pachamama Knitwear focuses on ethical, handmade knitwear using natural fibres. Their range includes hats, gloves, and sweaters produced under fair trade principles.

46. Howies

Howies offers sustainable active clothing made from organic and eco-friendly materials. They prioritise fair trade and environmentally friendly practices.

47. The Hemp Store

The Hemp Store provides a variety of hemp-based products, including clothing, accessories, and health and beauty items, all made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

48. Stand4 Socks

Stand4 Socks not only produce really cool socks, but this Manchester-based B Corp donate a pair of socks to a homeless person for every pair of socks sold.

49. Elvis & Kresse

Elvis & Kresse is known for its sustainable luxury accessories, particularly focusing on upcycling materials like fire hoses and leather, turning them into stylish and eco-friendly products.

50. Ethical Schoolwear 

That's us! We offer affordable and ethically produced school uniform, made by B Corp, Planet Mark and Ethical Trade Initiative certified manufacturers. 


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