Ethically made adult round neck jumpers

Ethically made adult jumpers now available

Introducing our newest collection: the ethically made crew neck jumper - your ethical wardrobe staple for a snug and fashionable everyday vibe. We're excited to present this fresh line of unisex adult jumpers by the creators of our beloved school uniform. 

Artisanally crafted, these jumpers ensure a cosy and comfortable fit, bringing style and substance to your day. The fabric is luxuriously soft and breathable, providing a laid-back and comfortable experience, ideal for busy mornings and evenings.

Ethically produced adult round neck jumpers

Recognising the importance of preserving our planet, The Making Of is the new adult range from One+All - our trusted source for school uniforms. Aligned with initiatives such as the Better Cotton Initiative, Ethical Trading Initiative, CarbonNeutral, and holding B Corp certification, they uphold a commitment to the well-being of both the planet and the people and communities within their supply chains. Your purchase of an ethically made jumper contributes to fair wages and safe working conditions for the skilled artisans behind these garments. And as always, for every order, a tree will be planted on our smallholding, continuing our dedication to sustainability.

Boasting a diverse colour palette, these jumpers are a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Whether you're attending events or unwinding at home, this jumper effortlessly blends style and functionality. Its timeless design ensures a flattering fit, and the variety of colour choices empowers you to express your unique style.

Adult jumpers with style and substance

At Ethical Schoolwear, our mission is to provide high-quality, budget-friendly products that align with our principles. These jumpers embody our commitment to ethically produced clothing, allowing you to make a positive impact on both people and the planet. Upgrade your everyday attire and embrace a more equitable future with The Making Of's ethically made jumper collection - a must-have for a conscious and stylish wardrobe. Explore the 'For Grownups' section on our website for more casual styles tailored for adults.

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