Ethically produced and sustainable. What does that mean for your child’s school jumper?

Ethically produced and sustainable. What does that mean for your child’s school jumper?

The school jumpers we sell walk the walk, and talk the talk when it comes to ethical production and sustainable sourcing. We stock items from a truly transparent manufacturer that's so proud of the steps they've taken that they've sought independent certification across the board. 

☑ Workers are paid the Living Wage Foundation Real Living Wage. For other countries calculations are made based on cost of living to ensure they’re paid a fair living wage.

☑ Manufacturer has committed to the Better Cotton Pledge - helping to improve cotton farming globally.

☑ Tested by OEKO-TEX to ensure no harmful substances are used.

☑ Fully mapped supply chain and Tier 1 registered with Open Supply Hub.

☑ Checked for child labour and modern day slavery using Sedex audits.

☑ Free sanitary products are provided for female workers and reproductive health education training is in development.

☑ The workers in the factory get free water filter systems to protect them and their families from illness due to contaminated water.

The manufacturer was the first in the schoolwear market to join the Ethical Trading Initiative and are the only B Corp certified school uniform supplier. They’re also Planet Mark and CarbonNeutral certified.

So who is this manufacturer I hear you ask?! One+All. They’re employee-owned and based in Stockport.

They’re a really decent bunch…

Through one of the independent inspections they learned about a 14-year-old employee who was the sole earner for their family. One+All have supported them to return to full-time education and have continued to pay their salary. They’ve also paid for a tutor and left the job open for them if they wish to return after finishing their studies.

Find out just how transparent they are, check out their impact report.
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