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Is your child starting primary school in September? You didn't ask for advice, but here it is...

​​Congratulations! Your little one is about to embark on an exciting new chapter: starting primary school. As a parent, you might have a mix of emotions, from pride and joy to a touch of anxiety. But fear not! This lighthearted guide is here to help you navigate this new world!

Embrace the Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA is a fantastic way to get involved and make a difference in your child's school experience. Don't be intimidated by the committee! Attend meetings, contribute ideas, and volunteer for events. It's a great opportunity to meet other parents and build a strong community. Now I have a confession to make, I’m not in the PTA for my children’s current school. I think I suffered burnout at their previous school. So my advice to you is: don’t think you can do it all. You’re not a robot.

Communicate with the Head Teacher

The head teacher plays a vital role in your child's education. Establish open lines of communication by introducing yourself early on. If you have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to reach out. But make sure they actually know you exist in advance. Remember, they're there to support you and your child.

The quirks of other parents

Inevitably, you'll encounter parents with different personalities and idiosyncrasies. Remember, we're all unique! Embrace the diversity and be open-minded. Sure, not all of us enjoy the small talk. But you will find your tribe. Embrace these people… you'll be alongside them for the coming years and you might just find some wonderful new friends along the way. Birthday parties will soon become your social life. Hope you love soft-play centres? 

Prepare for the school run

The infamous school run! It is chaotic, especially at the beginning. Plan ahead, set alarms, and allow plenty of time in the morning. Create a routine that works for your family, and soon you'll find yourself mastering the art of getting out the door smoothly. By Christmas you’ll be as efficient as a drill sergeant. At least that's the theory. When you get the hang of it, please tell me your secrets! 

Label everything

Many children are experts at misplacing their belongings, and schools are a treasure trove of lost items. Avoid the endless cycle of missing jumpers and lunchboxes: label everything! Invest in a Sharpie or personalised stickers to ensure your child's belongings find their way back home. They will lose everything once. Find a sense of zen about it and remember: we’re all in the same boat!

Get to know the staff

Teachers, teaching assistants, and other members of the school team will become an integral part of your child's daily life. Take the time to get to know them, whether it's through parent-teacher meetings or informal chats. A positive relationship with the folks at school can greatly benefit your child's educational journey. We’ve been very lucky with our kids’ teachers; they've all been great.

Embrace the digital age

You are about to become an admin and tech support guru! In today's digital world, primary schools rely heavily on technology to communicate and streamline various processes. You are going to be peppered with emails, and you are going to have passwords and QR codes coming out of your ears. I’m sorry about this. I don’t know how to sugarcoat it. My only advice is don’t skip an email, assuming that your other half has read it. They won’t have, and whatever it is will be due tomorrow. 

Keep calm and breathe

Starting primary school can be overwhelming for both you and your child. Remember to take a deep breath and stay calm. Children are incredibly resilient, and they often take cues from their parents. Be reassuring and positive, emphasising the excitement and new adventures that await. They will meet new people and you will too. It’s an adventure for you both!

Celebrate milestones

Primary school is full of milestones and achievements, big and small. Celebrate them! Whether it's bossing that spelling test or scoring a goal in PE, acknowledge your child's accomplishments. It boosts their confidence and makes the journey all the more enjoyable.

Embrace the "homework dance"

Homework is a reality of primary school life. Embrace the homework dance! Create a designated space for homework, establish a routine, and provide the support your child needs. Remember, it's not about perfection—it's about the effort and the learning process.

Cherish the journey

Primary school is a precious time filled with growth, friendship, and discovery. Cherish every moment—the laughter, the stories, and the endless school projects. Before you know it, your little one will be moving on to the next chapter. As the dad of a ten-year-old about to enter his final year at primary school I cannot stress enough how important it is to savour this remarkable journey together.

Starting primary school is an adventure for the whole family. Embrace the opportunities, navigate it all with confidence, and cherish the joyous moments along the way. Your child is about to embark on an exciting educational journey.

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