Method laundry liquid reviews

Method laundry detergent review

Welcome to another adventure in Laundryland! Today, I'm excited to share my experience with Method's peony blush laundry liquid. Having heard great things about Method's cleaning products, I couldn't wait to put their laundry liquid to the test. This week, with the kids off school, my laundry load has been light on school jumpers but heavy on mud, thanks to the terrible weather.

How ethical is Method’s laundry liquid?

Method is cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny approved, it also boasts biodegradable, plant-based ingredients. Additionally, the bottles are made from recycled plastic. So are our eco ties and blazers. Just saying.

Where can I buy Method laundry liquid?

While I was eager to get my hands on Method's laundry liquid, I found it a bit challenging to locate. Despite my efforts, none of my local big supermarkets stocked it. However, I did find other Method products, including their fabric softener. In the end, I resorted to purchasing it from a large retailer that shares a name with a South American rainforest.

How good is Method laundry liquid at cleaning clothes?

We’ve had a school uniform-free week due to the Easter Holidays. However, the eldest still had football training and I was thrilled to see the state this football kit came home in. 

Method laundry liquid reviews

For this I used the recommended cap and a half and I also whacked the machine up to 40 ° and gave it an extended wash which is 30mins longer. I have in the past received comments stating that I should pre-soak very dirty whites, but I’m lazy when it comes to laundry. 

Method laundry liquid reviews

The rest of the laundry using the recommended amount at 30 ° came out beautifully clean and smelt great.   

How much does Method cost per wash?

Investing in Method's laundry liquid proved economical in the long run. With a 1.56L bottle giving 39 washes, the cost per wash is reasonable. While my purchase set me back £19.50 for two bottles, each wash cost around 38p. However, for regular loads, the cost averages around 25p per wash.

My verdict on Method laundry liquid

Method's laundry liquid surpassed my expectations. Not only did it leave the clothes smelling fresh with a delightful scent that lingered once dry, but it also received compliments from our Easter house guests. The cleaning performance, and economical pricing make Method a definite winner. Without a doubt, I'll be reaching for Method laundry liquid again.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to hunt down peonies for my garden!

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