sustainable paper and compostable biodegradable eco mailing bags for ethical plain school uniform

Your school uniform is in the bag... but what's the bag made from?

Have you ever considered the packaging your online shopping arrives in? I find it often wasteful and environmentally-damaging. That's why here at Ethical Schoolwear, we use Simplelifeco's eco-friendly paper and biodegradable mailing bags.

I couldn't settle for non-recyclable plastic bags when I could use packaging made from sustainably-sourced paper and cornstarch and biodegradable polymers. These bags are not only better for the environment, but they're also kinda cute. Who knew?!

sustainable biodegradable and compostable eco mailing bags for ethically produced plain school uniformSimplelifeco's biodegradable mailing bags bags are compostable as they're made from plant-based materials that will decompose naturally in compost. So not only are we protecting the environment by using these bags, but you'll also be contributing to the health of the planet by helping reduce waste in landfills.


sustainable eco paper mailing bags for ethically produced plain school uniform.png

If it's quiet and you live within a few miles of us, your order will be dropped of in person. It will also likely be in one of the 10million gift bags I have stashed under the stairs from birthdays and Christmases over the years. I've got to get rid of them somehow. Hope you don't mind receiving a Santa bag in August!

So the next time you receive a package from us, rest assured that it was shipped with the utmost care for both your satisfaction and the health of our planet.

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