This Fashion Revolution Day, let's talk about school polo shirts

This Fashion Revolution Day, let's talk about school polo shirts

Today is Fashion Revolution Day, which has now grown into Fashion Revolution Week. It's an annual event that takes place during the last week of April. The event was created to commemorate the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh, where a garment factory building collapsed on April 24, 2013, killing 1,138 people and injuring over 2,500.

Fashion Revolution Week aims to raise awareness about the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry and to promote a more sustainable and ethical approach to fashion. It encourages consumers to ask questions about the clothes they buy, who made them, and under what conditions they were produced. It also calls on fashion brands and retailers to be more transparent about their supply chain and to take responsibility for the impact of their products on people and the planet.

For ethical shoppers, Fashion Revolution Week is important because it provides an opportunity to engage with the issues surrounding the fashion industry and to demand greater transparency and accountability from brands. By asking questions and making informed choices about what they buy, ethical shoppers can help to create a more sustainable and just fashion industry.

While school polos might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to ‘fashion’, you’re still justified in asking: who made my clothes?

Here’s the lowdown on our school polo shirts

  • Workers are paid the Living Wage Foundation Real Living Wage. For other countries calculations are made based on cost of living to ensure they’re paid a fair living wage.

  • Manufacturer has committed to the Better Cotton Pledge - helping to improve cotton farming globally.

  • Tested by OEKO-TEX to ensure no harmful substances are used.

  • Fully mapped supply chain and Tier 1 registered with Open Supply Hub.

  • Checked for child labour and modern day slavery using Sedex audits.

  • The workers in the factory get free water filter systems to protect them and their families from illness due to contaminated water.

The manufacturer was the first in the schoolwear market to join the Ethical Trading Initiative and are the only B Corp certified school uniform supplier. They’re also Planet Mark and CarbonNeutral certified.

So who is this manufacturer I hear you ask?! One+All. They’re employee-owned and based in Stockport.

They’re a really decent bunch…

Through one of the independent inspections they learned about a 14-year-old employee who was the sole earner for their family. One+All have supported them to return to full-time education and have continued to pay their salary. They’ve also paid for a tutor and left the job open for them if they wish to return after finishing their studies.

Find out just how transparent they are, check out their impact report.

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