What does 'ethical' mean when it comes to your school uniform?

What does 'ethical' mean when it comes to your school uniform?

Ethical Schoolwear only offers school uniform that's been produced and sold in an ethical manner, taking into account factors such as environmental sustainability, fair labour practices, and social responsibility. This means that the production and supply chain of the school uniform are designed to minimise negative impacts on people and the planet. Which is why we only work with suppliers that are B Corp certified.

Examples of ethical practices of our suppliers in the production of their school uniform include the use of sustainable or recycled materials, reducing waste and pollution, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions for workers involved in the production process, and supporting local or small-scale producers.

In addition to the ethical production of school uniforms, our suppliers also prioritise ethical practices in the retail and distribution of their products. This can involve considerations such as reducing packaging waste, supporting small and local retailers, and ensuring that the products are sold at a fair price.

Overall, Ethical Schoolwear aims to promote sustainability, social responsibility, and fair labour practices in the production of school uniforms, while also providing high-quality and durable clothing for your children. Our impact on the environment weighs heavy on all of our hearts, which is why we plant a tree for every order. 

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