Wilton London eco Laundry capsules review

Wilton London eco laundry capsules review

This past week, amidst the half-term break, my laundry landscape shifted—no usual mountain of school uniforms, but a backlog of sheets, cotton t-shirts, and towels awaited their turn. To tackle this, I put Wilton London's Eco Laundry Capsules to the test, and I’m glad I did.

Is Wilton London eco friendly?

Wilton London, a UK-based B Corp, prides itself on producing an array of cleaning products that are plant-based, vegan, and carbon neutral. Their eco laundry capsules, though unassuming in size, proved to be a powerhouse in performance.

Packed with essential oils and formulated from plant and mineral-derived ingredients, these capsules not only guarantee a thorough clean but also leave a delightful, long-lasting scent on your laundry. Their innovative dissolvable and biodegradable film capsule, paired with 100% plastic-free packaging, aligns perfectly with their commitment to eco-friendliness.

With an added eco oxy power - I'm not entirely sure what that is but it's on the front of the box, so much be good - these capsules claim to combat even the most stubborn stains, showing their effectiveness even in cooler washes. It's as simple as popping the capsule into the back of the machine drum before adding your laundry.

Certified by the Vegan Society, they adhere to strict standards: free from GMOs, animal-derived ingredients, and animal testing.

Does Wilton London smell nice? 

Surprisingly, upon removal from the machine, the laundry doesn't carry any scent, but once dried, it unfolds with a delightful light fragrance. It's a bit of laundry magic, and I'm not complaining!

How well does Wilton London clean?

Performance-wise, these capsules exceeded expectations. Cotton t-shirts emerged fresh, while even the challenge of stale towels—handled with two powder capsules—resulted in a beautifully fresh outcome.

How much does Wilton London cost?

In terms of cost, a box from Sainsbury’s, at time of writing, cost £8.50 and does 22 washes, roughly around 39p per wash for soft water and regular loads. For harder water or heavier dirt, using two capsules will raise the cost to 77p.

Wilton London, my verdict

Wilton London’s Eco Laundry Capsules won me over. Their ease of use, effectiveness, and eco-friendly approach aligned perfectly. Not to mention, supporting a B Corp certified business is always a bonus for me. My only negative comment is that it was a bit of a mission to open the box, but that is literally all I've got. Will I be using them again? Absolutely, without a doubt!

Join me next week in Laundryland when I'll be giving Smol laundry pods a spin.

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