Fill laundry powder review

Fill laundry powder review

Welcome back to Laundryland! This week, I visited my favourite refill shop, Without Waste, to purchase Fill laundry powder. In a small oversight, I forgot my container, but fortunately, they have a shelf of containers for people like me - hence the protein pot. While I had heard positive things about Fill laundry powder, the real test was how it could handle us! 

How Ethical is Fill Non-Bio Laundry Powder?

Fill non-bio Laundry Powder boasts a range of ethical attributes, including being refillable, suitable for low temperatures, an eco-responsible formulation, no dyes or harsh chemicals with all ingredients being biodegradable, septic tank safe, a closed-loop zero waste supply chain, and single-use plastic-free. Their list of certifications is music to my ears: cruelty-free certification by Leaping Bunny, official vegan registration with the Vegan Trademark, 1% of orders donated to environmental causes through membership in 1% for the Planet, certified B Corp and registered Living Wage Employer. It’s also made in the UK.

Does Fill Laundry Powder Make Clothes Smell Nice?

Fill offers both unscented and scented options. Opting for the scented version, I discovered a delightful fragrance infused with petitgrain essential oil. The fragrance, distilled from orange tree leaves and twigs, not only adds a pleasant aroma to the laundry but lingers around the house, creating a lovely atmosphere.

How Well Does Fill Laundry Powder Clean?

This week, tackling the kids' school uniform was a breeze as there were no major stains to contend with. While I didn't document this round with photos, I can attest that Fill left the uniforms fresh and clean. I also put it to the test on a batch of towels that had been languishing in a basket for a while, and Fill worked its magic, leaving everything wonderfully fresh and clean.

How Much Does Fill Laundry Powder Cost?

Purchased from Without Waste in Holywood, Fill laundry powder comes in at 58p per 100g. Fill recommends using 20g per load in soft water areas and 40g in hard water areas. Opting for 30g, my cost per wash was approximately 17p—a true bargain!

Fill Laundry Powder: My Verdict

I adore everything about Fill. The powder consistently delivers beautifully fresh and clean laundry. Knowing that I can support a local small business makes the experience even more rewarding. Fill not only talks the talk but is willing to undergo independent verification, distinguishing itself in an era where greenwashing is prevalent. Amidst the multitude of brands vying for our hard-earned cash, Fill stands out as a trustworthy choice. Will I use Fill laundry powder again? Absolutely!

Next week, join me as I unveil my best eco laundry detergents for you to try in 2024.

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