Best eco laundry detergents available in the UK

5 best eco laundry detergents to try in 2024

Since September, I've delved into the world of ethical laundry detergents, inspired by a conversation with a customer seeking recommendations for laundry detergent that aligns with their values. As we step into 2024, I'm excited to share my top 5 picks—laundry heroes that have not only conquered stains but have also won my heart with their commitment to ethics, sustainability, and overall effectiveness. These recommendations go beyond just keeping your school uniform fresh; they represent a step towards a cleaner, greener laundry routine.

Here are my top 5 laundry game-changers that deserve a spot in your laundry cupboard this year:

           Fill Non-Bio Laundry Powder

    • Ethics: Fill goes above and beyond with its commitment to being eco-friendly and ethical. The fact that it's refillable, cruelty-free, and supports environmental causes just makes me feel good about using it.
    • Effectiveness: It's not just talk—Fill delivered beautifully clean laundry, even on my kids' school uniforms. It's become my go-to for reliable results.
    • Cost: Surprisingly affordable at around 17p per wash. I'm getting quality without breaking the bank.
    • Smell: The scented option is a game-changer. The fragrance from petitgrain essential oil adds a lovely touch to the laundry and lingers around the house.

      Greenscents Laundry Liquid
    • Ethics: Greenscents has earned my trust with its commitment to ethical consumerism. The certifications and environmental standards they uphold make me confident in my choice.
    • Effectiveness: It not only cleans but excels in stain removal. My kids' school uniforms have never looked better.
    • Cost: At 33p per wash, it's a bit higher, but the quality and the occasional promotions make it worth it. Plus, that complimentary bottle is a nice touch.
    • Smell: The lavender and citrus scents are delightful, even if they don't completely stick to the clothes.

      Miniml Laundry Liquid
    • Ethics: Miniml's commitment to zero waste and its use of sustainable ingredients resonates with my desire for a greener lifestyle.
    • Effectiveness: It tackled stains on my kids' school uniforms impressively well. Even the toughest ones had met their match.
    • Cost: At 14p per wash, it's a steal. Affordable, effective, and eco-friendly—a perfect combination.
    • Smell: While not strongly scented, it gets the job done without overwhelming my senses. Clean clothes without unnecessary frills.

      Homethings' Eco Laundry Pods

    • Ethics: Homethings brings a smile to my face with its quirky approach to ethical laundry. Being carbon-neutral and biodegradable shows they're serious about making a positive impact.
    • Effectiveness: These pods transformed my laundry, especially my 10-year-old's school jumpers. Stains? Vanished. It's like magic.
    • Cost: Around 40p per wash is reasonable, and the discounts for subscriptions make it even more appealing.
    • Smell: The Lazy Daisy variety may not have a distinct fragrance, but the freshness it brings is undeniable.

      Faith in Nature Laundry Liquid
    • Ethics: Faith in Nature wins me over with its eco-friendly profile. The fact that it's cruelty-free, vegan, and a certified B Corp aligns with my values.
    • Effectiveness: It passed the test with flying colours, especially on my kids' school uniforms. Stubborn stains? Consider them gone.
    • Cost: At 19p per wash, it's undeniably cost-effective. Clean laundry without breaking the bank? Count me in.
    • Smell: The subtle aroma in the bottle that lingers on the clothes post-wash is a pleasant surprise.

Leave a comment below if you've tired any of these, or if you have a laundry detergent you think I should review. 

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