Homethings laundry pods review

Homethings laundry pods review

Welcome back to Laundryland! This week, I've been testing out Homethings' eco laundry pods. As a relatively new brand, Homethings caught my eye with their quirky guerrilla marketing tactics for their cleaning products, following Barbiemania, like placing stickers on road signs with cleaning-related names, boldly stating: "not sponsored by Homethings." Their unique approach is refreshing, and I was eager to see if their laundry pods lived up to the hype. 

How ethical are Homethings' eco laundry pods?

Homethings takes a stand in the ethical arena. They proudly hold B Corp, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free certifications. The concentrated laundry powder pods are not just environmentally conscious; they're carbon-neutral, and both the coating and ingredients are biodegradable. Even the box is made from recycled cardboard, making the entire experience joyfully planet-friendly. It's a clear message to the big laundry players – this is how ethical laundry is done.

How well do Homethings' eco laundry pods clean clothes?

Following the instructions diligently, I placed a pod at the back of the drum before loading my laundry, and washed everything at 30°C. While my 100% cotton t-shirts were already in decent shape, Homethings' laundry pods elevated them to a beautifully fresh state. Notably, my 10-year-old's school jumpers appeared rejuvenated, with some pre-existing marks seemingly vanished.

Homethings laundry pods review on school uniform

A white school polo shirt stained with what I suspect were Coco Pops marks emerged spotless.

Homethings laundrypods review on a white school polo shirt

The results were impressive, even in my very non-scientific test.

Do Homethings' eco laundry pods smell nice?

Opting for the Lazy Daisy variety, the laundry did come out smelling fresh. However, it's challenging to pinpoint a specific scent. I’ve also realised I don’t think I could tell you what a daisy smells like. While the laundry didn't have a distinctive fragrance, the pods certainly don't disappoint in the freshness department.

How much do Homethings' eco laundry pods cost?

I bought a box online for £10, and £1.99 shipping, which provides 30 washes, making this option roughly 40p per wash for regular loads. Subscribing to Homethings secures a hefty discount, making a single-pod wash just 28p. You can also buy a pack of 27 in Waitrose for £8, making it 29.6p per pod.

Homethings' eco laundry pods, my verdict

Homethings' laundry pods deliver both style and substance. Not only do they effectively clean your clothes, but they also inject humour into your laundry routine and foster a sense of community. Unlike other ethical laundry brands that often adopt a more serious and wholesome approach, Homethings stands out by presenting their values in a light-hearted and amusing manner. Reading their copy is inviting and enjoyable - that's a first. Washing your school uniform with Homethings isn't just about cleanliness; it's about embracing an ethical lifestyle with a smile.

Homethings laundry pods review

Homethings has successfully blended eco-consciousness, performance, and a touch of humour into their laundry pods. Give them a try and wash your conscience clean while enjoying a feel-good laundry experience. Will I use Homethings laundry pods again? Absolutely!

Join me next week in Laundryland when I'll be reviewing Simple Living Eco's laundry sheets.

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Hi Teresa,

Thanks for the tip! I’ve just dropped them a line to see if they have stockists near me.



Hi, our local refill shop will be stocking Choose2Eco laundry products. If your local shop has this it would be great if you could review them please.

Best wishes

Teresa McIntyre

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