Simple Living Eco laundry sheets review

Simple Living Eco's laundry sheets review

Welcome back to Laundryland! This week, I've been testing out Simple Living Eco's laundry sheets. With significantly reduced weight that other laundry products, laundry sheets offer a commendable way to diminish your carbon footprint. I opted for the "spring fresh" variety. Let's see how they performed...

Simple Living Eco's laundry sheets: sustainable credentials

The packaging proudly declares that these sheets are plastic-free, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free. According to their website, as 80% of the weight in typical laundry products is water, using these sheets results in a remarkable 94% reduction in transport carbon emissions. Additionally, they employ plant-based ingredients and are free from palm oil.

Do Simple Living Eco's laundry sheets smell nice?

The sheets themselves emit a delightful aroma. However, the laundry doesn't seem to retain this fragrance. While everything smells clean, including the ten-year-old's football kit, there's no trace of the "spring fresh" scent.

How effective are Simple Living Eco's laundry sheets at cleaning?

Throughout the week, these sheets effectively freshened up everything. Despite a relatively clean week with school uniforms, the kids' school polos and school jumpers remained in decent shape by the weekend.

The only item that faced a challenge was the six-year-old's new school fleece.

Simple Living Eco laundry sheets review - heavy school fleece

After just one day, it returned home in a sorry state. Allegedly, yoghourt spilled on it—but how did it end up on the back?!

Simple Living Eco laundry sheets review - heavy school fleece

Simple Living Eco's laundry sheets managed to wipe the slate clean. Hooray!

How much do Simple Living Eco's laundry sheets cost?

I purchased a box online for £8 and was pleasantly surprised to find no shipping fees. This box allows for 32 washes, translating to 25p per wash. Subscribing offers a 20% discount, bringing the cost down to 20p per wash. A true bargain!

Simple Living Eco's Laundry Sheets: my verdict

While I anticipate a more rigorous test after a mid-winter forest school session, these sheets served their purpose admirably for the week's needs. Would I use Simple Living Eco's laundry sheets again? Absolutely.

Join me next week in Laundryland when I'll be putting Dip laundry sheets to the test.

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