Ineos laundry liquid reviews

Ineos laundry liquid review

Welcome to another week in Laundryland! This week, I've been using Ineos laundry liquid. A few weeks ago, my better half messaged me from Asda, excitedly announcing a new laundry detergent, claiming it's "powered by plants." Naturally, I was intrigued. It's great to see plant-based options becoming more mainstream. Also great to see vegan and cruelty free claims. Is it too good to be true?

Does Ineos laundry liquid smell nice?

I opted for the rhubarb and pomegranate scent. The liquid in the bottle smelled amazing, with a strong and intense aroma. Unfortunately, this lovely scent didn't quite translate to the laundry once it came out of the machine. In a familiar scenario, my daughter's swimming towel, which had been neglected in our household chaos, didn't smell its best by the time it made its way to the washing machine. To combat the odour, I used 60ml of Ineos laundry liquid at 30 ˚C. However, the result was an entire wash that had a mild hint of the stale towel smell.

The other washes using Ineos laundry liquid had a somewhat mild fragrance, but nothing extraordinary.

How well does Ineos laundry liquid clean?

Throughout the week, Ineos performed adequately. However, the real test was the weekend's school uniform washes.

White school polos

The kids contributed their white school polo shirts, one covered in pasta sauce, peanut butter, and raspberry juice, and the other adorned with pizza stains. I couldn't resist adding a green t-shirt of my own, which had encountered some gutter debris during my gutter-cleaning adventure (thanks to Storm Agnes).

Emerald green cotton t-shirt laundry review

The results were as follows: the polo shirts still had visible stains.

White school polo shirts

While my t-shirt emerged free of gutter juice.

Emerald green pure cotton classic fit sustainable t-shirt

How much does Ineos cost?

Ineos laundry liquid comes in a one-litre bottle priced at £5.25. The recommended usage is 30ml per wash, which equates to 16p per wash if you have soft water and relatively clean laundry. However, in most cases, I found myself using 40ml per wash, bringing the cost to 21p per wash. For heavier soiled loads, I used 60ml, which translates to 32p per wash.

Who is Ineos?

I decided to learn more about Ineos, a company I hadn't heard of before. It turns out that Ineos is a global conglomerate involved in oil, gas, and petrochemicals. I stumbled upon some interesting information in ClientEarth's Greenwashing Files, which shed light on potential concerns. ClientEarth states: “The petrochemicals industry is highly carbon-intensive and has been called a ‘key blind spot in the global energy debate’. INEOS does not disclose the overall emissions its business is responsible for, but Grangemouth in Scotland, INEOS’s largest facility, emitted over 3.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2019.”

Ineos Laundry Liquid: My Verdict

In our house, Ineos laundry liquid gets the job done when dealing with lightly soiled items, and it has an acceptable fragrance. However, would I choose to use it again? No.

Join me next week in the Laundryland when I'll be reviewing re:gn laundry sheets.

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