Re:gn laundry sheets review

Re:gn laundry sheets review

Welcome back to another week in Laundryland, where I've been trying out re:gn laundry sheets, which I picked up from the refill shop, Without Waste in Holywood—an absolute delight to visit, by the way.

Re:gn scented laundry sheets: eco credentials

Re:gn laundry sheets offer impressive eco credentials. Due to their smaller and lighter size compared to traditional liquid detergent bottles and powder boxes, they have a reduced carbon footprint during transportation. Additionally, these sheets are crafted with natural, vegan, and biodegradable ingredients, ensuring they are gentle on your skin, clothes and the environment. They are vegan, SLS-free, contain no plastic, and come in a paper box.

Do re:gn scented laundry sheets smell nice?

When you open the box, the sheets emit a truly delightful fragrance. However, your clothes will come out of the machine smelling clean but of not much else. Even when you follow the recommended usage of four sheets for a heavily soiled load, you'll notice only a subtle scent. I was hoping for a stronger aroma.

How much do re:gn laundry sheets cost?

The box I purchased cost £7.50 and can handle 64 small loads or 32 large loads. Since "small load" isn't in our vocabulary, for us, it averages at about 23p per load. For the white wash, I followed the instructions and used four sheets, resulting in a cost of 46p for that load.

Do re:gn laundry sheets clean effectively?

Plain school jumpers
Throughout the week, re:gn performed well and managed to tackle most stains, including mysterious marks on my 10-year-old's school jumper.

Plain school jumpers
However, the ultimate challenge came with the weekend's white school uniform wash, which included a white school polo shirt covered in paint and pizza stains.

White school polo shirts

Unfortunately, re:gn didn't quite work its magic on this one.

White school polo shirts

Re:gn laundry sheets: my verdict

Re:gn laundry sheets are effective for lightly soiled items and are especially convenient for bringing on holiday due to their compact packaging that will make your suitcase smell amazing. Would I use them again? Regrettably, this is one product that doesn't fit with our family's messier laundry needs. It's not you, re:gn; it's us!

Join me next week in Laundryland when I'll be reviewing Faith in Nature's laundry liquid.

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