Miniml laundry liquid review

Miniml laundry liquid review

Welcome back to another exciting week in Laundryland, where we dive into the world of eco/ethical laundry detergents. This time, I've taken Miniml's laundry liquid for a spin on our weekly laundry marathon. Miniml, being a zero waste champion, offers a range of eco-friendly cleaning products that you can either snag directly from them or from your local refill shop. In my case, The Refill Machine - which I was able to pick up from Rockhouse Farm, near Saintfield.

Miniml laundry liquid's eco credentials

Miniml boasts a laundry list (pun intended) of green points: Their products are crafted from naturally derived, sustainable ingredients, and they follow a zero-waste closed-loop system that recycles containers. Plus, they've got the cruelty-free and vegan stamps of approval. No nasties like enzymes, sulphates, phosphates, parabens, chlorine bleaches, or petrochemicals here. And they even play nice with septic tanks and cesspits. Oh, and they're proudly made in the UK. Sounds impressive, doesn't it?

Does Miniml laundry liquid smell nice?

It doesn't not smell nice. The laundry liquid has a faint smell in the bottle, but the clothes, whilst they were clean, didn't come out smelling like anything in particular. Which is fine, especially when you've got socks that have seen better days and are emitting some less-than-pleasant fragrances.

How well does Miniml laundry liquid clean?

The ultimate test of any laundry detergent: School uniforms! A disclaimer before I delve into the results - my six-year-old's school jumpers had already experienced a few adventures before this test, so let's be fair. Here's how Miniml's laundry liquid handled the challenge:

How well does Miniml laundry liquid clean school jumpers and polos

The youngest performed a remarkable feat by staying relatively clean throughout the week (miracles do happen). Except for one memorable night when she decided her pasta needed ALL the balsamic glaze, and her white school polo and jumper bore the brunt of it. These poor garments had previously faced off against paint, yoghurt, and colouring pens, so they weren't looking their best.

Miniml laundry liquid review on white school polo shirts

Surprisingly, Miniml's laundry liquid worked its magic on the white school polo, leaving me unable to spot the stain, so I snapped all four for proof.

How well does Miniml laundry liquid clean school jumpers

While most evidence of my daughter's wild escapades was removed from the school jumper, a few shadows of past adventures remained. But let's remember, this jumper was already in a tough spot. Miniml also did a decent job on the kids' PE jogging bottoms.

How much does Miniml laundry liquid cost?

I tested 100ml, which would typically cost 35p. Due to the level of dirt and our medium/hard-ish water, I used 40ml in each wash, bringing the cost to 14p per wash. If you have soft water and impeccably clean children, the recommended 20ml would only set you back 7p per wash when you buy 1000ml from The Refill Machine. Quite the bargain, I must say!

Miniml laundry liquid: my verdict

This is what the future of laundry looks like: zero waste, supporting local businesses, and getting your clothes spick and span while feeling good about the whole process. It's a win-win. Admittedly, I've been conditioned by 'big laundry' to expect a bouquet of flowers to waft from my washing, but I can live without it. Will I use Miniml laundry liquid again? Absolutely!

Join me next week in Eco Laundryland as I dive into a review of INEOS laundry liquid. Until then, keep those washing machines spinning and your eco-conscience sparkling!

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